About me

Peppino Lopez

He was born in Sicily, on the 11th October 1981.
In 2004 he took his bachelor’s degree in urban, regional and environmental planning at the Polytechnic University of Milan. And in 2009 he took his master’s degree in architecture.

After graduation he performs professional activity at architectural firms in Milan. In 2012 he moves to Ragusa, where he currently lives, and establishes MIND madeindesign. It’s a laboratory for research and development of advanced projects that aims, through new synergies between architecture, designers and art, to enhance the local culture by using the most varied forms of expression.

In his projects he uses materials of the Sicilian landscape, like lava stone from Mt Etna or pitch stone, extracted from quarries in Ragusa’s area or marble dust from scraps of local processing, to create design products that evoke the culture of the Sicilian tradition.

His collections are on the borderline between craft and design, where attention to detail is not directed to prissy decorativism but to poetry of manual art.

Since 2014 he takes part in various events of international value like:


OPERAE Independent Design Festiva – Turin; DESIGN WEEK 2015 – Milan;


SOURCE international exhibition of self-produced design – Florence


In 2015 he has been awarded the prize ADI DESIGN INDEX 2015 and he has been nominated for the COMPASSO D’ORO 2016 prize with the CROCHET TILES collection.