Die Zauberflote wallpaper

The encounter between an artist and a designer, two different histories but a common love for music and dreams, begins a path of research and experimentation, through new graphics, that brings to light evocations of an imaginary to live and discover .
Thus it was born the idea to draw inspiration from the “Magic Flute” by Mozart, fantastic opera par excellence, as a scenic backdrop of an imaginary stage to narrate the exploits of fictional worlds and atmospheres, through colors and spellings capable of transmitting emotions.
In this way, the walls acquire the force of the word, the harmony of music, arousing emotions in those who watch them, and those who live contemporary, transforming the space, creating enchanting atmosphere.
Each room will turn into the stage on which Papageno, Tamino and the other protagonists of Mozart’s Magic Flute, tell their story, involving the viewer in the story, which is also the protagonist of the scene.
The versatility of the graphic design allows you to extensively customize, during design, the colors, proportions and the desired shapes from the same user, giving him the possibility to adapt the wallpaper not only the environment but to the tastes of each person.

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